Rallidae Productions Portfolio

Below is a selection of work that Rallidae Productions has carried out, each with a title and short explanation of the project. This will be updated as each project is completed.

Promotional Video: Sponsorship for Saltash May Fair

This short promotional video was created as part of Rallidae Production’s sponsorship package with the Saltash May Fair. Rallidae Productions is proud to sponsor the town event and wanted to encourage other organisations to sponsor the committee’s efforts. The video was, therefore, created and distributed without charge.

Promotional Video: Teaser for The Saltash Short Story Competition

This teaser for the inaugural year of The Saltash Short Story Competition was released in November as the initial announcement of the brand new national writing competition. It garnered the attention of national publications, including the bestselling The Writing Magazine (March 2017), as well as capturing the imaginations of many writers.

For more information on the competition, please check out:

Matt Coot Portfolio

The following videos show a selection Matt’s work. This was all completed before before Matt set up Rallidae Productions. Each video will have a title and short explanation of the project.


Live Events: Bring Back Cabaret with The Idle Playthings (2012/2013)

During my time at Bath Spa University, I was the Head Producer for the Student Union TV station ‘SpaLife TV’. One of the projects that I initiated was the recording of live events produced by students and societies. The Idle Playthings is the comedy society at the university and they produced several Bring Back Cabaret events during 2012 and 2013. I recorded these events and produced the following videos.

Bring Back Cabaret with the Idle Playthings (2012):

Bring Back Cabaret with the Idle Playthings (2013):

Promo Video: Bath Spa University Fresher’s Week (2012)

The following videos were all recorded, produced, edited and distributed during my term as Head Producer at SpaLife TV.

Commercial Fair (2012)

Societies Fair (2012)

Overview of the Week (2012)