BiPolar, animated short film (2018)

Director: Matt Coot                              Animator: Becca Bright

Screenwriter: Matt Coot                    Cast: To be announced soon.

Exploring what it is like to live with Bipolar Disorder through the characters of a polar bear and a penguin.

Set in the Arctic during the polar night, the longest period of darkness in the North Pole, Dave – a polar bear – finds himself struggling with his duties as a father and his career as a hunter after the loss of his wife. His deep depression leads him to wonder whether he can last the night.

At the same time, in Antarctica, everything seems great for Mike, the penguin. He is having fun, loving life, and has no care in the world. But, his reckless actions lead his parents to be concerned for his welfare. 

This short film project is being produced by Rallidae Productions as part of the ongoing #YouAreNotAlone mental health campaign. It is due to be released in mid-to-late 2018.

Impossible, online science-fiction drama series (2018)

Executive Producer: Matt Coot                                Director: Various

Screenwriter: Various                                                 Producer: TBC

Cast: TBC

Crew: TBC

An exciting project that takes the talent of screenwriters from throughout the world and, by working together, create the scripts for an ambitious online science-fiction drama series about time travel.

Impossible will explore different storylines and different characters all linked in someway and all affected by time travel. Each individual storyline will be leading up to a finale that brings all the storylines to a stunning conclusion.

The series will feature characters and storylines that promote the breaking down of all kinds of prejudice. Some of the episodes will be a part of the #YouAreNotAlone mental health campaign.

What’s In The Fridge?, short film (2018)

Director: Micah Barlow                                        Producer: Matt Coot

Screenwriter: Micah Barlow                               Production Manager: Bronte Trotman

Cast: TBC

Written by a local sixth form student, Micah Barlow, What’s In The Fridge? is a new short horror film that Rallidae Productions has commissioned to give opportunities to young creatives to be involved with a film production. This project will give the young creatives an opportunity to be mentored by a production company whilst also developing filmmaking skills.