Rallidae Productions Creative Portfolio

We are currently working on several creative projects and these will appear here once the productions have been completed.

Matt Coot Creative Portfolio

The following videos show a selection Matt’s creative work. This was all completed before before Matt set up Rallidae Productions. Each video will have a title and short explanation of the project.

Short Film: Remember This (2014); Dir: Matt Coot

I wrote a directed this short film as part of my final year at Bath Spa University. The project was awarded a First by the marking tutors, and the same tutors commented that it had brought them to tears. One tutor even remarked that he had to show the film to his wife because of how good it was.

The story of the making of Remember This didn’t begin in that final year of university, though, but rather years before. For many years, I suffered from mental health difficulties (believed to be either Bipolar Disorder [Type II] or Borderline Personality Disorder). In 2011, I suffered a major setback with a mental health crisis. In recovery from the crisis, I had to re-evaluate my life and experiences. During this recovery, I began to write Remember This. It is the story of life, love, and death. It is the story of grief. It is the story of hope, and how love can help you battle through the darkest of times. It is also a story of saying goodbye.

The short film was inspired by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (1870), Cecelia Ahern’s P.S. I Love You (2003) and its own film adaptation (2007), and the film noir style of filmmaking.

I have been considering writing and producing a theatre adaptation of Remember This.

Short Film Production: Various (2009-2012)

The following are all short films that I had some involvement with during my university studies. Each film will be given a title and a short explanation of my involvement. Thanks goes to Bath Spa University for still having these on the YouTube channel for access so all former students can provide evidence of their past work. I would also like to give thanks to the fantastic tutor, Mike Johnston, without whom I wouldn’t have been able to get through my degree and wouldn’t even be able to dream of being a filmmaker. Mike gave me a lot of support during my studies and his patience, hard-work and kindness has always been appreciated.

Where is Lizzie? (2012) Dir: Thilde Kold Holdt & Zoe Langley

I wrote the script, originally titled Did You Kill My Daughter?, which was then adapted by fellow students taking the module Planning and Making a Film at Bath Spa University. The production team made changes to the script, including the title and ending, but I was very happy to see how the team adapted it. In fact, one of the directors, Thilde, and I are now close friends.

One Door Opened (2012) Dir: Letitia Ringshaw

I was the producer and sound recordist on this short film about the struggles of agoraphobia and the kindness of strangers. I would later work with Peter O’Brien and Letitia Ringshaw on other projects.

Breakdown (2011) Dir: Dulcie Duplock & Emma Coates

I was the sound recordist and one of the casting agents on this short film.

Choices (2010) Dir: Heidi Budden

I was the sound recordist on this short supernatural thriller. In fact, I remember this production fondly and considers it one of my favourite short film productions.

A Guilty Pleasure (2009) Dir: Katy Greenstone

I (credited as Matty) was a stage manager on this short film, which was my very first short film production.