BiPolar, animated short film (2018)

Director: Matt Coot                              Animator: Becca Bright

Screenwriter: Matt Coot                    Cast: To be announced soon.

Exploring what it is like to live with Bipolar Disorder through the characters of a polar bear and a penguin.

Set in the Arctic during the polar night, the longest period of darkness in the North Pole, Dave – a polar bear – finds himself struggling with his duties as a father and his career as a hunter after the loss of his wife. His deep depression leads him to wonder whether he can last the night.

At the same time, in Antarctica, everything seems great for Mike, the penguin. He is having fun, loving life, and has no care in the world. But, his reckless actions lead his parents to be concerned for his welfare. 

This short film project is being produced by Rallidae Productions as part of the ongoing #YouAreNotAlone mental health campaign. It is due to be released in mid-to-late 2018.