Not In My Name

Callous Conservatives Continue Controversial Crippling Cuts

by Matt Coot

When in coalition with the Liberal Democrat Party, the Conservative Party agreed to introduce free school meals for primary school children. After reading Nick Clegg’s  Politics: Between the Extremes, it is clear that this was an agreement that was difficult to get through, especially with Tories, such as Michael Gove, putting stumbling blocks in the way, so much so that Clegg, Cameron, and Osbourne had to use a lot of stealth to get the free school meals proposals through without Gove – and many civil servants – knowing until the last minute. Yesterday, now alone in government but propped up by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the Tories pushed through reforms of the Universal Credit system that meant there would be a massive reduction of children being eligible to receive free meals at school.

Three hundred and fifteen MPs voted for these reforms to go through. No MPs from the Conservative Party rebelled. Each and every one of them voted with the party. The DUP also voted for the proposal. So did an ‘independent’ MP, who is a suspended member of the Tory party. All other MPs didn’t support the proposals. Among those who voted for these reforms, were the six MPs who represent the six constituencies of Cornwall.

In October 2017, Cornwall was described as the second-poorest region in Northern Europe. Cornwall also has more than a quarter of children living in poverty. The county also has the third-highest homelessness rate. The South West has also seen an increase of 55% of children with parents working in public services who are now living in poverty.

Nationally, the Trade Union Congress – the federation of trade unions in England and Wales – released research in February stating that 550,000 children of parents who work in the public sector will be living in poverty by April. This is a 40% increase from 2010 with ‘real term’ wages falling by 13.3% (for health and education workers) and 14.3% (for public administration workers).

On the topic of the national issues, in January the Royal Society of Arts published a report in which they declared that 70% of the working population are “chronically broke”. This follows an increase in personal debt to £1.6 trillion and a massive rise of people declaring bankruptcy to the highest level since the 2008 financial crisis. Last year also saw a dramatic rise in unemployment resulting in 1.47 million people unemployed by the end of the year. Since 2010, the UK has seen an increase of five million more people living in poverty. Half of the people living in poverty actually live with someone in work, which just goes to show the Prime Minister’s theory, that work is the way out of poverty, is completely wrong.

Six MPs representing the people of Cornwall:

Steve Double, Sarah Newton, Sheryll Murray, Scott Mann, George Eustice, and Derek Thomas.


Returning to the local picture, I wrote to the six MPs who represent Cornwall, imploring them to stand up for the people that they represent. With Cornwall being the second-poorest region in Northern Europe, and with more than a quarter of children living in poverty, you would hope that the representatives of Cornish people would actually represent the needs of the people of Cornwall. I asked them to stand up for the thirteen thousand three hundred children who live in poverty in Cornwall. I asked them to make sure that these children wouldn’t have their free school meals be put at risk.

The six MPs that I wrote to, did not reply. They didn’t bother to converse with a member of the electorate who was raising a concern. Instead, the plea of supporting these children was not paid attention to. All six MPs voted for the reforms and, therefore, voted to reduce the number of free school meals. The six MPs should be ashamed of themselves.

Each time that Jeremy Corbyn tries to raise fair points over Tory links to Russian funding, the Tories call him a “traitor” and shout the word “shame”. Well, I think these words suit the 315 MPs who voted for these reforms. They are traitors. They are responsible for the rise in poverty and now they are responsible for leaving children without the chance of receiving free school meals. They are the shame of the nation.

The traitors who put this country to real shame are:

Conservative MPs (304):

  1. Adams, Nigel
  2. Afolami, Bim
  3. Afriyie, Adam
  4. Aldous, Peter
  5. Allan, Lucy
  6. Allen, Heidi
  7. Amess, Sir David
  8. Andrew, Stuart
  9. Argar, Edward
  10. Atkins, Victoria
  11. Bacon, Mr Richard
  12. Badenoch, Mrs Kemi
  13. Baker, Mr Steve
  14. Baldwin, Harriett
  15. Barclay, Stephen
  16. Baron, Mr John
  17. Bebb, Guto
  18. Bellingham, Sir Henry
  19. Benyon, rh Richard
  20. Beresford, Sir Paul
  21. Berry, Jake
  22. Blackman, Bob
  23. Blunt, Crispin
  24. Boles, Nick
  25. Bone, Mr Peter
  26. Bottomley, Sir Peter
  27. Bowie, Andrew
  28. Bradley, Ben
  29. Bradley, rh Karen
  30. Brady, Sir Graham
  31. Brereton, Jack
  32. Bridgen, Andrew
  33. Brine, Steve
  34. Brokenshire, rh James
  35. Bruce, Fiona
  36. Buckland, Robert
  37. Burghart, Alex
  38. Burns, Conor
  39. Burt, rh Alistair
  40. Cairns, rh Alun
  41. Cartlidge, James
  42. Cash, Sir William
  43. Caulfield, Maria
  44. Chalk, Alex
  45. Chishti, Rehman
  46. Chope, Sir Christopher
  47. Churchill, Jo
  48. Clark, Colin
  49. Clark, rh Greg
  50. Clarke, rh Mr Kenneth
  51. Clarke, Mr Simon
  52. Cleverly, James
  53. Clifton-Brown, Sir Geoffrey
  54. Coffey, Dr Thérèse
  55. Collins, Damian
  56. Costa, Alberto
  57. Courts, Robert
  58. Cox, Mr Geoffrey
  59. Crabb, rh Stephen
  60. Crouch, Tracey
  61. Davies, Chris
  62. Davies, David T. C.
  63. Davies, Glyn
  64. Davies, Mims
  65. Davis, rh Mr David
  66. Dinenage, Caroline
  67. Djanogly, Mr Jonathan
  68. Docherty, Leo
  69. Donelan, Michelle
  70. Double, Steve
  71. Dowden, Oliver
  72. Doyle-Price, Jackie
  73. Drax, Richard
  74. Duddridge, James
  75. Duguid, David
  76. Duncan, rh Sir Alan
  77. Duncan Smith, rh Mr Iain
  78. Dunne, Mr Philip
  79. Ellis, Michael
  80. Ellwood, rh Mr Tobias
  81. Eustice, George
  82. Evans, Mr Nigel
  83. Evennett, rh David
  84. Fabricant, Michael
  85. Fallon, rh Sir Michael
  86. Fernandes, Suella
  87. Field, rh Mark
  88. Ford, Vicky
  89. Foster, Kevin
  90. Fox, rh Dr Liam
  91. Francois, rh Mr Mark
  92. Frazer, Lucy
  93. Freeman, George
  94. Fysh, Mr Marcus
  95. Garnier, Mark
  96. Gauke, rh Mr David
  97. Ghani, Ms Nusrat
  98. Gibb, rh Nick
  99. Gillan, rh Dame Cheryl
  100. Glen, John
  101. Goldsmith, Zac
  102. Goodwill, Mr Robert
  103. Gove, rh Michael
  104. Graham, Luke
  105. Graham, Richard
  106. Grant, Bill
  107. Grant, Mrs Helen
  108. Grayling, rh Chris
  109. Green, Chris
  110. Green, rh Damian
  111. Greening, rh Justine
  112. Grieve, rh Mr Dominic
  113. Griffiths, Andrew
  114. Gyimah, Mr Sam
  115. Hair, Kirstene
  116. Halfon, rh Robert
  117. Hall, Luke
  118. Hammond, rh Mr Philip
  119. Hammond, Stephen
  120. Hancock, rh Matt
  121. Hands, rh Greg
  122. Harper, rh Mr Mark
  123. Harrington, Richard
  124. Harris, Rebecca
  125. Harrison, Trudy
  126. Hart, Simon
  127. Hayes, rh Mr John
  128. Heald, rh Sir Oliver
  129. Heappey, James
  130. Heaton-Harris, Chris
  131. Heaton-Jones, Peter
  132. Henderson, Gordon
  133. Herbert, rh Nick
  134. Hinds, rh Damian
  135. Hoare, Simon
  136. Hollingbery, George
  137. Hollinrake, Kevin
  138. Hollobone, Mr Philip
  139. Holloway, Adam
  140. Howell, John
  141. Huddleston, Nigel
  142. Hunt, rh Mr Jeremy
  143. Hurd, rh Mr Nick
  144. Jack, Mr Alister
  145. James, Margot
  146. Javid, rh Sajid
  147. Jayawardena, Mr Ranil
  148. Jenkin, Mr Bernard
  149. Jenkyns, Andrea
  150. Jenrick, Robert
  151. Johnson, rh Boris
  152. Johnson, Dr Caroline
  153. Johnson, Gareth
  154. Johnson, Joseph
  155. Jones, Andrew
  156. Jones, rh Mr David
  157. Jones, Mr Marcus
  158. Kawczynski, Daniel
  159. Keegan, Gillian
  160. Kennedy, Seema
  161. Kerr, Stephen
  162. Knight, rh Sir Greg
  163. Knight, Julian
  164. Kwarteng, Kwasi
  165. Lamont, John
  166. Lancaster, rh Mark
  167. Leadsom, rh Andrea
  168. Lee, Dr Phillip
  169. Lefroy, Jeremy
  170. Leigh, Sir Edward
  171. Letwin, rh Sir Oliver
  172. Lewer, Andrew
  173. Lewis, rh Brandon
  174. Lewis, rh Dr Julian
  175. Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian
  176. Lidington, rh Mr David
  177. Lopez, Julia
  178. Lopresti, Jack
  179. Lord, Mr Jonathan
  180. Loughton, Tim
  181. Mackinlay, Craig
  182. Maclean, Rachel
  183. Main, Mrs Anne
  184. Mak, Alan
  185. Malthouse, Kit
  186. Mann, Scott
  187. Masterton, Paul
  188. May, rh Mrs Theresa
  189. Maynard, Paul
  190. McLoughlin, rh Sir Patrick
  191. McPartland, Stephen
  192. McVey, rh Ms Esther
  193. Menzies, Mark
  194. Mercer, Johnny
  195. Merriman, Huw
  196. Metcalfe, Stephen
  197. Milling, Amanda
  198. Mills, Nigel
  199. Milton, rh Anne
  200. Mitchell, rh Mr Andrew
  201. Moore, Damien
  202. Mordaunt, rh Penny
  203. Morgan, rh Nicky
  204. Morris, Anne Marie
  205. Morris, David
  206. Morris, James
  207. Murray, Mrs Sheryll
  208. Murrison, Dr Andrew
  209. Neill, Robert
  210. Newton, Sarah
  211. Nokes, rh Caroline
  212. Norman, Jesse
  213. O’Brien, Neil
  214. Offord, Dr Matthew
  215. Opperman, Guy
  216. Parish, Neil
  217. Patel, rh Priti
  218. Pawsey, Mark
  219. Penning, rh Sir Mike
  220. Penrose, John
  221. Percy, Andrew
  222. Perry, rh Claire
  223. Philp, Chris
  224. Pincher, Christopher
  225. Poulter, Dr Dan
  226. Pow, Rebecca
  227. Prentis, Victoria
  228. Prisk, Mr Mark
  229. Pritchard, Mark
  230. Pursglove, Tom
  231. Quin, Jeremy
  232. Quince, Will
  233. Raab, Dominic
  234. Redwood, rh John
  235. Rees-Mogg, Mr Jacob
  236. Robertson, Mr Laurence
  237. Robinson, Mary
  238. Rosindell, Andrew
  239. Ross, Douglas
  240. Rowley, Lee
  241. Rudd, rh Amber
  242. Rutley, David
  243. Sandbach, Antoinette
  244. Scully, Paul
  245. Seely, Mr Bob
  246. Selous, Andrew
  247. Shapps, rh Grant
  248. Sharma, Alok
  249. Shelbrooke, Alec
  250. Simpson, rh Mr Keith
  251. Skidmore, Chris
  252. Smith, Chloe
  253. Smith, Henry
  254. Smith, rh Julian
  255. Smith, Royston
  256. Soames, rh Sir Nicholas
  257. Soubry, rh Anna
  258. Spelman, rh Dame Caroline
  259. Spencer, Mark
  260. Stephenson, Andrew
  261. Stevenson, John
  262. Stewart, Bob
  263. Stewart, Iain
  264. Stewart, Rory
  265. Streeter, Mr Gary
  266. Stride, rh Mel
  267. Stuart, Graham
  268. Sturdy, Julian
  269. Sunak, Rishi
  270. Swayne, rh Sir Desmond
  271. Swire, rh Sir Hugo
  272. Syms, Sir Robert
  273. Thomas, Derek
  274. Thomson, Ross
  275. Throup, Maggie
  276. Tolhurst, Kelly
  277. Tomlinson, Justin
  278. Tomlinson, Michael
  279. Tracey, Craig
  280. Tredinnick, David
  281. Trevelyan, Mrs Anne-Marie
  282. Truss, rh Elizabeth
  283. Tugendhat, Tom
  284. Vaizey, rh Mr Edward
  285. Vara, Mr Shailesh
  286. Vickers, Martin
  287. Villiers, rh Theresa
  288. Walker, Mr Charles
  289. Walker, Mr Robin
  290. Wallace, rh Mr Ben
  291. Warburton, David
  292. Warman, Matt
  293. Watling, Giles
  294. Whately, Helen
  295. Wheeler, Mrs Heather
  296. Whittaker, Craig
  297. Whittingdale, rh Mr John
  298. Wiggin, Bill
  299. Williamson, rh Gavin
  300. Wollaston, Dr Sarah
  301. Wood, Mike
  302. Wragg, Mr William
  303. Wright, rh Jeremy
  304. Zahawi, Nadhim

Democratic Unionist Party MPs (10)

  1. Campbell, Mr Gregory
  2. Dodds, rh Nigel
  3. Donaldson, rh Sir Jeffrey M.
  4. Girvan, Paul
  5. Little Pengelly, Emma
  6. Paisley, Ian
  7. Robinson, Gavin
  8. Shannon, Jim
  9. Simpson, David
  10. Wilson, rh Sammy

Independent MP (1)

  1. Elphicke, Charlie (suspended Conservative MP)

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