All Children, Except One, Grow Up

On April 1st, Rallidae Productions gladly helped a local youth theatre group, Youngstagers, with the recording of their superb performance of Peter Pan, the Musical.

Matt attended the matinee and evening performances of the musical and recorded them both. We decided not to charge Youngstagers for this service, as we believed that community groups, who do good work for young people, deserve to be helped out for free. We also reduced the cost of the DVD and digital copies of the recordings to as low as we could go. All DVDs and memory sticks (with digital copies of the performance) are only £4 each.

If you are a parent, relative, or someone who went to see the show, or even if you missed the show and would like to watch it, then please do send a message to request your copy to: 

Peter Pan Kensington Gardens

(image shows Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens and is from

Youngstagers held a raffle during each performance to raise money for Great Ormand Street Hospital. Of course, JM Barrie left the royalties of Peter Pan to the hospital and so this was an appropriate fundraising activity by the youth theatre group. Rallidae Productions would like to persuade everyone reading this, if you feel able to, to donate money to Great Ormand Street Hospital. You can do this here:


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